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Reliquary is a far-future worldbuilding and exploration game, taking place tens of millions of years in the future. Civilization has risen and fallen over and over again—the vestiges of ten major, extra-solar civilizations have been unearthed at least. The scattered remains of humanity live in a megastructure called the Coil left over from a previous iteration of civilization. No one knows how old the Coil is, who built it, or who originally lived there, but it seems ill-designed for humans in many ways: convoluted, unmapped, and difficult to traverse.

Civilization is rising again out of the metal and dust of the Coil, but there’s much we still don’t understand. We can no longer make the tools that the fortunate have found, relying on the wise devices that can be scrounged or building simple ones.

The Coil is made up of seemingly endless strata—overlapping layers of ancient buildings, artifacts, and machines. One strata may house an entire culture, while another is an uncanny beast’s personal hunting grounds.

You live in the city of Vasq—the only major human settlement known to you—and the Prytanium is always in need of maps, data, and relics from past civilizations. Players create Wanderers to try and deliver them, motivated by duty, honor, or profit.

Reliquary Features:

  • A far-future, strange, brutalist world with millions of years of history
  • Simple ruleset
  • GMless, no-prep play
  • 1-4 players
  • 11 pieces of art

With Purchase, You Get:

  • Single page PDF
  • Spreads PDF
  • Access to all future updates
  • A playingcards.IO room file to help facilitate online play


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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