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Outpost is a game about a new community’s survival for 2-4 players, and how the actions of impromptu leaders can change the course of a community. Players will each play as a character in this new community who steps up to take charge and fight for the town's survival.

Create a new town in this setting-agnostic game and draw cards from a standard deck to introduce problems: the cards will determine what kind of problem, and how difficult it is to solve. 

Play as the members of colony ship who just landed on an unknown planet to escape their dying star; or as a group of warlocks exiled from the capital for practicing forbidden magic; or as a group of technicians setting up a radar dish installment in the middle of the wilderness. Outpost's design allows you to play in whatever genre you choose.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Nice game mechanics ! Simple and  encouraging coop story-building.

I often found that story prompts are often missing in this kind of game, it's nice to have some here.

It looks like a game I would enjoy and I will suggest it next time to my recurring table of RPG players.

I took the liberty to make a printer-friendly version : https://chezsoi.org/lucas/OutpostPrinterFriendly.pdf

Btw, it reminds me a bit of https://quorganism.itch.io/for-the-people that I also discovered through TheIndieRPGPipeline recently, but haven't played yet neither.

Thank you, let me know how you get on with it if you try it! And thank you again for the printer-friendly version, I'll upload that as a download option.

I'll check that suggestion out, it looks good!