Make the game fullscreen for best effect! Controls below and in menu. 

Things to try: 

  • Increase your fire rate with a green time bubble to speed up time
  • Reverse time with the red bubble to heal yourself right after taking damage
  • Enemy projectiles can't enter a time reversal field: they immediately get reversed back out, so use it as a shield
  • Slow enemies and enemies with the blue bubble

Note: time reversal fields (red) only activate once right mouse is released.


Aim and rotate with the mouse

WASD to move, hold space to shoot

Left mouse click to shoot your currently selected time capsule, right click and hold to grow a time field at the time capsule's location. Release right mouse to implement the time field. It will automatically implement once it has reached its max size.

Press 1 2 and 3 to select time capsules: speed time, slow time, and reverse time respectively. 

This game was created for the 2018 Games Plus Jam, the theme was "Time."

Art assets from the "Space Shooter Redux" tileset created by Kenney and downloaded on

Game music: Assimilator by Clearside